Who are the Friendly Frogs?

Friendly Frog Social Club is a collection of cute Frogs hopping in the Positivity Pond 🐸

Join the cutest Frogs and the most wholesome community in the metaverse. Ribbit Ribbit! 


Rarity is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Analogous to our society, the value of a frog can be measured by the way it looks. Certain attributes are more exclusive than others. If you insist on a system to tell you how rare your frog is- look no further:


There is a small selection of unique, 1/1 frogs in the collection. These frogs have attributes distinguishing the rest!

Why Adopt a Frog?

FFSC is awesome & you're awesome.
We already have so much in common.

Friendly Frogs can go an adventures to earn Fronks, the token exclusive to our lore.

Exchange for merch or use on adventure to befriend unique Baby Frogs!

Join our Discord to learn more about the world of Friendly Frogs and the Positivity Pond. 

(Fronks and Baby Frogs coming soon 👀)

Another PFP Project?

The Friendly Frog Social Club is not just another animal avatar project. FFSC is a passion project by Andi, artist and founder. A community organically formed behind the Frogs, making FFSC what it is today.

After escaping an abusive relationship, Andi poured herself into her art and adopted three little frogs to keep her company. Inspired by the adorable quirkiness of her new friends, she sought to share their love with the world.

Thus, the Friendly Frog Social Club was born!⭐


Friendly Frog Social Club (FFSC) is an art collection of 2,121 Frogs on the Solana blockchain. All Friendly Frogs are part of the Positivity Pond 🌸

FFSC was created by Andi, an artist building community around art. They teamed up with co-founder Chris to bring the Friendly Frogs to the NFT metaverse! Want to talk to the founders? Chat with us on Discord ! 🐸

Friendly Frogs are listed at Magic Eden 😎

You have complete ownership rights of your Frog(s)! Use its image in whatever way you'd like 👀



Founder, Artist



Founder, Ops